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Welcome to my SkyNET page. I am not a SkyNET prof. but I'll try to help you to be a good player. I have never played a multiplayer game of SkyNET, so I'll help you about single playing.

"Return to the apocalyptic world of the post-nuclear future...but this time you won't be going alone. Now you can join up and kill everything and everyone in the ultimate multiplayer deathmatch over a LAN or the Internet. Leap across rooftops to lie in wait, ambush from the rear in your captured jeep, or attack from the sky in an HK fighter! SkyNet - No Limits!
As a member of the Resistance movement, you are sent on a reconnaissance mission to infiltrate a secret robot complex. What you find there leads you on a breakneck series missions, each one more critical and deadly than the last. SkyNet gives you the best of both worlds; intense single player, solo missions that push your skill to the edge and most explosive multi-player combat experience ever created!" from SkyNet CD
And I think SkyNET's 3D engine is not perfect... You sometimes stop somewhere and no key moves our hero. The jeep sometimes goes into the building, I mean a part of it. The water doesn't pull me up, I jump and walk as I am on land. I'd prefer there was objects that were used if wanted; like objects in Duke3D.

I. SkyNET Tips about Strategy

a) If you cannot find a way back walking around, remember how you came here (e.g. in mission 2).
b) Check left and right sides of the door for robots before entering a room.
c) Look carefully everything in gray. It may be a foot of a T-Rex or the tail of an HK Bomber...
d) The things at the up, down, left and right sides of the screen are brighter. Also, you see more long-ranged in the sides of the screen.
e) You can easily understand if any robot is looking for you. Listen to the sounds. Raptors EEEOUUU and terminators UUUOEEE.

II. SkyNET Tips about Shooting

1. Raptor: Shoot it when it's far from you, or taste his bunches of laser.
2. Robot like terminator: Shoot him immediately! He has a chaingun...
3. Two armed shooter: It's easy to shoot it when it does not see you.
4. (Wart!)

II. And... SkyNET cheats
GARBLE Garble cheat codes toggle WILLNOTSTOP Immortality
ARNOLD All weapons SLUGS All ammo
SURGERY Full health SUPERUZI Get the Super UZI
TARGET Enables targeting box on enemies ILLBEBACK Skips to next mission
NITROUS Makes the game faster ICANTSEE Shows teleview
WHOAMI Shows your name COUNTERS Shows current coordinates
VERSION Shows version HELLO Shows message: Hello?
SUPERTRACKER Motion tracker (Version 1.01 only)

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