II. Doom II Explanations and Tips
1) In Doom II, controlling, quick and right aiming is very important.If you can control the player well you can aim well, too. So, to control the player you HAVE TO use the mouse. It may take a few months to get used to it but it worths. Forget about that reptile keyboard. The advantages of the mouse are immense. The most important one of these advantages is the 180 degree flip. It is huge. If you think someone mopes behind you then you can turn back in a very short time. You mustn't wait until that reptile keyboard turns you back. If you want to increase that turning speed of the mouse, you better increase the mouse sensitivity from the options menu. If that is even not enough, have a look at the file DEFAULT.CFG in your Doom II directory. There you can increase the mouse sensitivity as much as you want.
2) If you aren't using, use the strafe keys to aim and escape from the fireballs, green balls and such things. Strafe keys give you many advantages. By using this keys for a while you can notice a big improvement in your game.

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