III. Deathmatch Explanations and Tips

1) Use the mouse again in deathmatch games. As you know, speed is really important in deathmatches. Mouse allows you to turn VERY fastly. 180 degree flip is important too, to shoot your opponent when he's chasing you.

2) In a deathmatch game you mustn't let the other players hear any sounds from you. If they do they can guess where you are and you will be a very easy frag. The "IHH" sound coming from you when you jump or try to use the walls and the dramatic filling sound of the BFG are one of those sounds. To avoid the BFG sound try to "IHH" and fire it together. You can see the demonstration of this by using the file slentbfg.bat in demos.zip
3) As a result of a bug in Doom engine, when you run parallel and stuck to a wall lay north-south or west-east your running speed will be three times than normal. If you wanna see the lmp of that run (I recorded it in map07 and I had to spend quite some time killing the monsters as I was unfortunately eating my pitza), use the file swrun.bat contained in demos.zip.
4) Again as a result of a bug in Doom engine when you press forward and one of the strafe keys at the same time you run 1,5 times faster than your normal running speed. You can see this action in both of my lmps contained in demos.zip.

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